My New Chapter

May 7, 2012

First day in SSGM     I've been waiting for this job for almost 10 months (from headcount frozen to reinstating) and finally I join the family of State Street as a Vice President, Global Markets Credit overseeing the GM businesses out of Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Taiwan. I am glad to be there especially with a nice Manager, colleagues, people and working environment. I manage a staff locally who is an officer called Peggie (working for almost 6 years). She is very familiar with the credit analysis and credit administration of Investment Managers/ Funds.

In general, my job responsibilities (State Street Job ID: 44302) are including but not limited to:

  • Act as credit signatory back-up is required
  • Monitor existing portfolio
  • Establish new credit lines & obtain and review supporting information
  • Prepare internal credit approvals & credit rating reviews
  • Process approvals and supporting information
  • Respond to internal queries and requests, prepare internal reports and data extracts
  • Run monitoring and control reports, identify and act on items requiring attention
  • Assist in preparation and completion of documentation
  • Monitor validity and completion of documentation as required i.e. Quarterly Loan Reviews, Daily monitoring of 3rd party violations and Global Credit Allocation Matrices
  • Arrange for updates/ amendments to documentation
  • Obtain information and review client details to meet Know Your Customer/ Anti-Money Laundering policies
  • Maintain and develop client relationships
  • Benefits are standard with Medical coverage (incl. Dental and Chinese doctor), MPF+ORSO, 22 days annual leave, staff housing loan/ rental reimbursement scheme, etc. Salary increment is around 10% higher than that of my previous job. This is considered attractive especially amid stagnant market situation.

    A new offer

    March 12, 2012

    FVP at CBI     It took me around 8 months to find a job since my resignation in July 2011, because the timimg was not good at which the sovereign rating of US was downgraded, the European debt crisis was broken out, the global economy was slowed down etc.... Finally, I have got an offer from CBI as a First Vice President at Financial Institutions and Country Risk under Risk Management Group. Perhaps due to the slow market, my offer seems not so attractive with heavy discount of salary (approx. 14%). Despite my request, they said this is the best offer they can provide. Anyway, at least I get into the market first and plan my future later.

    Goodbye to my dear colleagues

    June 3, 2011

    Resign from BNPP     I pass the resignation letter to the department head today, representing a full stop of 4.5 years service there. Reasons are many, but the main trigger is I can't stand and can't work with my department head anymore. She is crazy and emotional all the times, always loses her temper and scolds everybody even though we do not have faults. Atmosphere in the office is terribly bad and everybody tries to avoid communicating with her in the hope of preventing from scolding.

    Words cannot describe my dissatisfaction with her, but I can tell the invisible pressure from her is heavy and heavy. She is such an unreasonable and unconsiderate lady, creating so many troubles to other departments that makes our life difficult. Although I did not have any offers yet, I decided to leave the unpleasant environment, and take a good rest and spend my holidays with daughter in the summer. I won't tell her the truth of my reasons of resignation, hoping that she will make her own reflection. But seemingly she will not accept her wrong doings, rather she thinks of my own personal problems to resign.

    Anyway, effective day is on 4 July but last working day is 30 June. I really miss my dear colleagues, Sarina, Alicia, Lydia, Cara and some from other departments. But that's life!

    I do hope that I would search for a good job right after the summer vacation.

    French at Foundation Level

    May 4, 2010

    Certificate of Achievement     Today, I receive the Post Course Training Report and Certificate of Achievement for Beginner French. In the report, overall langauge competency is "9" (max is 10) and overall effort is "Excellent". My teacher has given me the below comments:

    King Wai showed great aptitude in learning French language. He has been a leading figure in the group, participating actively and helping others. Excellent work!

    I am very happy with the result and feel that my hard working has not been wasted. I am really looking forward to attending intermediate French course (if any) soon.

    Hello everyone!

    September 1, 2009

    Hello there! This is my first time to write a blog here. I don't know what should I write or say. Maybe just share with you about my daily life.

    I take Nicole to get school bus in every early morning and then go to work. That's why I am always the first one to be in the office. Office works are very boring and quite time consuming, working from 8:15am to 7:00pm, not to mention overtime. I feel myself as a robot in the department coz every single ad-hoc project are assigned to me (my counterpart is free to do so) with tight deadline. Perhaps, my boss regards me as a 'yes' man. >_<   Anyway, it's okay for me coz I believe the more you do, the more reward you would get.

    When I'm back home, I have dinner with Nicole, then talk and watch TV awhile. If Nicole doesn't have any homework, we will play computer - she MSNs her friends and watches on-line Taiwan TV/ Music shows while I check e-mail and play Pet Society. That's all a day.

    About Me

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