Here are a few snapshots for the Christmas trip.


This is my family first travelling during Christmas, taking this opportunity to celebrate my elder brother, King Man's birthday in Seoul (not in Hong Kong Disneyland as usual). Our holiday lasts for 5 days during 25-29 Dec. I have reserved a package two and a half months in advance to ensure our holiday must materialise. We take Asiana Airlines and stay at the Eastgate Tower Hotel, Dongdaemun.

The weather in Seoul is nice but very cold and dry (with occasional snow shower). The lowest temperature is -14C and all of us are freezing. Thanks God, there is no rainfall during our holiday. Because of the cold and dry weather, I have dry and itchy skin, but it is not so serious.

I had a very joyful and enjoyable holiday especially with all my family members together - Mom, Nicole, King Man's family and May's family. We've tasted Korean food and bought a lot there. I really long for another vacation (hope that not to wait for long).


Here is the itinerary for our 5-days vacation in Seoul, South Korea.

Day 1 - 25 Dec (Tue) - Arrival (OZ746, Asiana Airlines) and Dongdaemun

Arrival to Incheon Airport at around 5:00am. We took Airport Express (A'REX) to Seoul rail station and changed Metro to Dongdaemun station (Station 421, Exit #8) and then walked to the Hotel (Eastgate Tower Hotel).

Arrival to Hotel at around 7:30am, but rooms would only be available at probably 12:00pm. We took a short rest at the Hotel lobby and then went out for breakfast (burger and coffee/choco). At 10:30am, Annie, Nicole, Venus, May, Mom and I went to Doota to get free gifts and do some shopping. I've bought a doggie hand warmer (Nicole a bear) and 24k gold non-electromagnetic waves stickers @Artbox on 6/F.

After getting rooms, all of us had a snap (myself a shower) and began our day at 4:00pm. We went to Doota for shopping again and then had our dinner at Jin Ok Hwa Original Chicken Restaurant 陳玉華一隻雞 @6:00pm. After dinner, Mom and I went to Lotte Mart @Seoul Metro Station, while the rest of members shopped at Migliore.

Day 2 - 26 Dec (Wed) - Myeongdong and Noryangjin Fish Market

Almost full day shopping at Myeongdong 明洞. We had a wonderful breakfast @Ediya Cafe to celebrate my elder brother King Man's birthday. After breakfast, we took Metro to Myeongdong station (Station 424, Exit #6), and we had three different teams (King Man's family, May's family & Nicole, and Mom & myself) for different sight-seeing and shopping. I've bought a glasses @ALO Optical Shop costed KRW115,200 (with KRW6,000 tax refund).

We gathered together at 2:00pm to have lunch @ 全州中央會館 which is located between SPAO and Smoothie King. We tasted the most famous 石鍋拌飯、人蔘雞湯 and other dishes. We continued shopping after lunch - Annie, Nicole and Venus bought some casual wears at SPAO. Then we walked to Lotte Young Plaza, during whch time Venus was tired and want to have a snap (crying......). Finally, Venus slept at a coffee shop in the Plaza while some of us uploaded pictures to facebook (have free wifi on 6/F), and some shopped around the Plaza.

After Venus has re-charged her energy, we headed to Noryangjin Fish Market 鷺梁津水產市場 for dinner @7:00pm. We took Metro to Seoul Station and changed Subway Line 1 to Noryangjin Station (Station 136). We bought Lobster, King Crab, Abalone, Shrimp, Clam and Scallop. However, I felt that the food quality and price are no longer satisfactory this time and the dining environment is too crowded and packed. What a bad experience!! Returning to Dongdaemun, I can't wait buying a wool winter hat @Migliore (KRW9,000) because the weather was very very cold.

Day 3 - 27 Dec (Thur) - Paju Premium Outlets

Full day shopping at Paju Premium Outlets. Keung did not join us because he had fever. We took Metro to Hapjeong Station (Station 238, Exit #2) and transferred Coach 2200 to Paju Premium Outlets. It took approx. 50 minutes to there. To be safe, I asked the driver to inform us when arriving the outlet. Thanks very much, Mr. Driver.

To sum up, I bought a "Aigle" down scarf in brick color (KRW23,000); Nicole a Ralph Polo short sleeve shirt; May a pair of Reebok sport shoes for Keung; Donna a pair of Moccasin shoes and some casual wears; and Annie some casual wears and Ralph Polo shirts.

We got back to Dongdaemun for dinner @東華飯店, which is nearby the Hotel (located between the Face Shop and Etude House). We ordered the famous 炸醬麵, fried rice and veggie dumplings.

Day 4 - 28 Dec (Fri) - Ewha Womans University, Sincheon and Dongdaemun

We had breakfast @Dunkin' Donuts, Maxstyle store. Then we headed to Ewha Womans University by taking Metro to Ewha Womans University Station (Station 241, Exit #2).

All of us had a terrific shopping time there, especially buying socks (KRW1,000 a pair) at 梨大街頭. Socks are very cute with a lot of varieties. Brother King Man has bought 40 pairs, May 10 pairs and myself 30 pairs, making total 80 pairs of socks (both for self-use and gifts).

Besides the sock, I bought an Evisu down jacket (costed approx. HK$700), a night pant in zebra pattern (KRW5,000) and a PVC document portfolio (KRW10,000); King Man an Evisu down vest; Mom a shoulder bag (KRW10,000); Keung a waist bag; and May/Nicole/Venus skin care products.

We had lunch at nearby Japanese restaurant and then walked to Sincheon 新村 where we went to U-Plex Department Store. Then we were back to Dongdaemun for dinner at 陳玉華一隻雞 again.

Day 5 - 29 Dec (Sat) - Lotte Mart @Seoul Station and Back to Hong Kong

Goodbye Seoul!! This is the last day of our trip. The weather is very cold today with heavy snowfall. We checked out early @10:30am. Having had breakfast @Dunkin' Donuts, we headed to Lotte Mart to buy gifts for relatives, friends and colleagues. Overall, we've bought Sea Weeds, Kimchi, Chili paste, Red Ginseng candy, Ddeokbokki (韓國年糕), MarketO Brownie and Choco Cracker, Guava Tea etc. We packed the stuff into 3 boxes (each family a box) for carrying back home.

We took Airport Limousine 6001 to the Incheon Airport and flight OZ749 back to Hong Kong. Initially, the flight is scheduled to depart @8:10pm, but it was delayed due to the plane's late arrival and clean-up of the covered snow. Finally, we arrived to Hong Kong @12:30am. All of us have to take taxi back home.

What a rewarding journey for me! Here are my (+ Nicole) fruitful results: