Here are a few snapshots for the vacation.


This is my second time to travel alone (first is Tokyo and Osaka, Japan). Although travelling alone is a bit bored, I have really enjoyed this 6-days vacation, especially there are many "FIRST" for me such as first to Sabah, first snorkeling, first spa, first seeing of fireflies and proboscis monkeys, first tasting of palm-sized abalone etc.

The weather in Sabah is very nice - hot and sunny, although there is occasional shower in the afternoon. Thanks God, whenever I have outings, there is no rainfall. Overall, I am a bit sun-tanked, but sun-burnt on my shoulders after 2 hours snorkeling.

My sunny vacation starts from 27 Oct (Tue) to 1 Nov (Sun). Happy time flies very swiftly and the trip is now over. Busiest moment will re-start again on 5 Nov. Anyway, I enjoy this trip very much and long for another vacation (hope that not to wait for long).


Here is the itinerary for my 6-days vacation in Kota Kinabalu (or Sabah).

Day 1 - 27 Oct (Tue) - Arrival

Arrival to Sabah at around 11:30 am. A local travel agency, Perfect Holidays picked me up to the Hotel. I am staying at Le Meridien Hotel for the first 2 nights and then swap to Grand Borneo Hotel for the rest of the nights.

After hotel checking-in, I went for a city walk and took some pictures. I went to Handicraft Center (or Filipino Market), KK Esplanade and some small shopping malls. Because I have a dial-in tele-conference at 4:00 pm, I went back to hotel preparing for the meeting.

At 8:10 pm, the travel agency picked me up for a shopping and night tour (which is free of charge). I had BBQ chicken wing, famous Kayan toast and Teh Tarik (at Fook Yuen) for dinner. I have made two HK friends in this night tour, they are Joey and Kawaii.

Day 2 - 28 Oct (Wed) - City Mosque + Rivercruise for Proboscis monkeys & Fireflies

City MosqueI had swimming and jaccuzzi after breakfast, and then took a taxi to the City Mosque. The mosque is grand and I took a lot of pictures there (see Sabah Photos page). Then I went to Wiya Nasi Ayam Dan Kedai Kopi to have famous chicken rice for lunch.

Kota KliasAt 2:30 pm, the travel agency picked me up towards Kota Klias in the district of Beaufort. We arrived Klias river bank around 1.5 hour later and being welcome and served with coffee & tea and some local Malay cakes and cookies. After the short rest, we proceeded with the river cruise while observing the riverine forest for Proboscis monkeys & other wildlife. As sunset approaches, we rode back to the riverbank for a local Malay dishes dinner before proceeding for a second cruise amidst glittering display of lights sparked by the fireflies on the swampy forest trees.

Day 3 - 29 Oct (Thur) - Relaxing Spa treatment

At 11:00 am, I checked-out at Le Meridien and then took a shuttle bus at Warisan Square to 1 Borneo where Grand Borneo Hotel is located. After checking-in, I went to the nearby hypermall, 1Borneo HyperMall, to shop around. Then I was back to the hotel lobby waiting for pick-up by Neobayu Spa for my first spa treatment.

Neobayu SpaI have subscribed a 3-hour relaxing spa treatment package, including body cleansing, body scrub, jaccuzzi, 1-hour body massage with lemon glass oil, & hot ginger drink (help releases stomach). Because I am referred by my friend Kaya, I have got a big discount and the total cost is RM216.45 or HKD498 (tax inclusive). After the spa, they drove me to Sedco Square for dinner.

I went to Mutiara Seafood Restaurant (recommended by my local guide) to taste the Malaysian seafood. I have ordered soya sauce King prawn (or Tiger prawn), crusty garlic abalone, ginger and onion elephant-nose shell, crusty garlic scallop and vegetables in malaysian style. They are very yummy and the price is very reasonable at RM85.5 or HKD197.

Day 4 - 30 Oct (Fri) - Mantanani Islands snorkeling

I got up early at 6:00 am preparing for my first snorkeling. The travel agency picked me up at 7:45 am. It takes around 1.5 hours drive and 45 minutes boat-ride by speedboat to the island. Mantanani Islands is a group of three isolated islands located northwest of Kota Belud, which boast of crystal clear blue waters filled with a myriad of marine life and white sandy beaches fringed by coconut palm trees.

We had two sessions of snorkeling in two different places with BBQ-buffet lunch in between. After listening clearly to the instruction from coaches, we have chosen our masks, fins, snorkels and life jackets heading for snorkeling. Water is clear and I can see many coral fishes and coral reef. I took so many underwater pictures with my underwater film-camera. The weather is very nice and I've got sun-burn on my shoulders (although I applied sun lotion).

After snorkeling, I went to the HyperMall for dinner where I ordered a claypot pin noodle and herbal chicken soup.

Day 5 - 31 Oct (Sat) - City Walk + Spa again

I had spa treatment again today at Warisan Square, but it is a 1-hour body message only. Then I went for a city walk to buy some souvenirs. I've bought magnets, bookmarks, malaysian coins bags, shoulder bag, mango chocolates, chilli cuttlefish, and also mangoes in the Filipino night market (for my mum).

I went to Sedco Square to have seafood dinner again tonight, but I tried another seafood restaurant (also recommended by my local guide) - Hua Hing Seafood Restaurant. I have ordered crusty garlic King prawn, crusty ginger abalone and black bean and pepper clam. they are also very tasty and the order costs RM47.3 or HKD109.

Day 6 - 1 Nov (Sun) - Sunday market + Back to Hong Kong

Sunday marketI got up early at 6:00 am, checked-out after breakfast and then took a taxi to Gaya Street where Sunday market is held. I put my luggage to Jesselton Hotel for safe keeping and then shopped around the market. To me, the market is like Garden street in Mongkok, where you can buy a variety of goods like herbs, fruits, handicrafts, pets and pets stuff, clothes, leather goods, bags etc. I didn't buy anything there. Then I waited at the Jesselton Hotel for travel agency pick-up to the Airport. I met Joey and Kawaii again and both of us took the same plane back to Hong Kong (Dragonair KA060).

I've bought the famous Super ice-cream potong (mango flavor) at the airport (RM19.9/12 pieces). The ice lollies are locally made smoothy fruit ice-cream, packed with polyfoam box which can carry on board and keep cold for 6-hours.