Negative Ion Necklace

October 14, 2009

Health product I walked around Seibu in Pacific Place at noon and spotted a health product which can soothe fatigue and stress caused by work or exercise by wearng the negative ion necklace around the neck all day. It is claimed that the necklace can facilitate blood circulation and enhance metabolism, help to maintains natural body balance and sleep quality and neutralize acids caused by stress and environmental pollution. Its quality is accredited With the award by the Certificate of Quality and Registration by the Japan association of Ion Research and Application. This negative ion necklace is made in Japan and costs $499 with seven colors to choose. I'd like to have a try, but I will do some research/ review before making any conclusion. Will keep you all informed .....

Further update: I have bought the necklace (in black color) on October 16 with 15% discount due to buying 3 with 2 girls also shopping in the store. Lucky me!

Sensitive teeth and toothpaste

October 6, 2009

Sensitive teeth I suffered from sensitive teeth 4 weeks ago. I think my sensitive teeth are a result of grinding my teeth at night when I sleep and according to my dentist, over time, it had worn down my enamel to expose the sensitive dentin layer. When asked what I could do to prevent it, his answer was very simple - Take a holiday! Apparently teeth grinding is caused to stress.

Besides leave, I have to resort to using toothpaste for sensitive teeth instead! I started using Colgate Sensitive toothpaste (as gifted by dentist), which promises to reduce sensitivity in less than 3 weeks. However, I found it less effective as I'm already halfway through my tube and the sensitivity in my teeth doesn't seem to have reduced that much. Therefore, I swap to using Sensodyne toothpaste (on sale in Park N Shop).

The first time I tried using it, I found it a little odd as it does not have the typical minty taste normal toothpastes have. Instead, its taste is a little flat and I found that it doesn't seem to lather as much as ordinary ones do. However, it does a great job and I found that my teeth actually became less sensitive after the first few times of using it which was a great relief especially when I eat sour or cold stuff! Sensodyne toothpaste contains Potassium Nitrate while Colgate Sensitive contains Potassium Citrate. However, both have been proven to relieve sensitive teeth. But personally, I found Sensodyne more effective than Colgate Sensitive in helping me with my sensitive teeth problem.

Apparently, sensitive teeth are sometimes caused by over-brushing or a wrong way of brushing. So do brush your teeth carefully! However, if you already suffer from sensitive teeth, do replace your ordinary toothpaste with Sensodyne. The potassium compound has been proven to sooth exposed nerve ends and over time build a protective layer for your teeth so this pain will be lessened. Also, do try to limit your intake of sour and cold stuff as these may aggravate the sensitivity of your teeth. And I try to limit my drinking of Coke.

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