Bye Bye Pet

June 14, 2013

Pet Society Retirement     Today is a sad day to every Pet Society player because Pet Society is no longer with us any more - it is retired effective today and the server is to be finally shut off on June 17! I really treasure from playing this Facebook Game since 2009 which gives me a lot of pleasure and good memories. Bye Bye my pet Hutchi and Goodniu!!

Yellow Rubber Duck

May 2-June 9, 2013

Rubber Duck in HK     Dutch conceptual artist, Florentijn Hofman's classic masterpiece, the 16.5-meter-high Rubber Duck, is coming to Hong Kong for the first time and be on display at Ocean Terminal, Harbour City to spread joy around the world. We take this precious opportunity to visit the Rubber Duck and take some pictures.

Since 2007 the duck has travelled to 13 different cities in nine countries ranging from Brazil to Australia. Mr. Hofman said he hopes the duck, which will now travel to the US city of Pittsburgh (and later Tai Chung, Taiwan), will act as a "catalyst" to connect people to public art.

Missing you already ducky! Must let you go to bring happiness to people around the world!!

National Day Fireworks Display

October 1, 2011

10.1 Firework Display     This is my first experience to shot firework display, especially using my new M43 camera E-P2. After dinner with my Mom at Wild Ginger @Elements, I went to West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade preparing the shooting of National Day Firework Display. As it was crowded with people, I changed my destination to a footbridge near Western Tunnel where I can find a place to install my tripod. Because I do not have remote cable installed, the picture quality is average. Still a long way to go....

Starting at 9pm, 23 minutes of pure pyromania with 31,888 bangers, screamers and fizzers light up Victoria Harbour to celebrate the 62nd birthday of the PRC.

Have fun in Ocean Park

April 30, 2011

A day outing with Nicole     We have not been to the Ocean Park together for year. When arriving the theme park, it is totally different with previous experience with something new e.g. Aqua City, Ocean Express, Red Panda and new adventure electrical games.

Today is very sunny and there is not crowded luckily. It takes a short waiting time to get on the Cable Car and Ocean Express. We are all tired and take heavy steps back home. :p

ifc Whimsical Expedition at Christmas

December 18, 2009

IFC Mall X'Mas Event I walk around IFC Mall during lunch hour and notice many people gathering together to watch something. Oh, this is in fact an aerial show "Whimsical Expedition in Christmas" by the internationally acclaimed French performers - "Farfadais" making debut in Hong Kong.

Following the beautiful aerial ballet by Flying Angel, professional Singing Diva appears in a scarlet giant-dress and sings in her angelic voice while the dexterous acrobats perform hilarious unicycling acts and stunning silk stunts. I must say this is a spectacular half an hour show and I take some pictures with the performers by my Nokia E71.

TV Show

September 5, 2009

You're Hired! I have just watched the ending of TV program - You're Hired, starred by WONG Chi Wah and SHEH Sze Man. Wow, it's been 5 years that I haven't kept on watching the TV program. Last time is 'To Catch The Uncatchable' (ɿw). What a coincidence is that both TV programs are comedy starred by Wong Chi Wah.

Besides Mr Wong, what the program actually interests me much are the introduction of some economic/ financial jargons and theories, e.g. black and white knights, accumulator, short selling, long-tailed theory, tie-in sales ... Also, being a risk management guy like Mak Tei Song (n), I am a risk averser with full of planning, contingecies and risk mitigants. But I haven't done the wedding try, dating try and seperation try like Ah Song.

Anyway, I had some leisure for the past month and reminded me of some economics and finance theories. Thanks Ah Song and TVB. Haha..

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