Hakata ramen in Hong Kong

September 6, 2011

What a delicious noodle     I wanna try Ippudo (绑┰难) for a long time since its establishment in July. I did go there on one Sunday with Nicole, but it took a long time for waiting (wait for almost 2 hours). Therefore we went to have Shanghai food @供伦 for dinner.

Finally, I have spare time in the afternoon to try Ippudo ramen. Waiting time is acceptable (less than half an hour maybe due to weekday) and I have ordered フじ┰难. Besides that, they have 绑欢ψ澍┰难 and í穝┰难. You can choose the texture of noodle either hard, soft or normal (my order is hard). To me, my preference of tasting ramen is to taste the soup first which is very tasty, not to mention the noodle itself. I finished all the ramen and soup and my feeling is very very good. I must come back (with Nicole next time) again definitely.

Nicole's 13 years birthday

March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to Nicole!!     To celebrate Nicole's big day on 20 March, we, the whole family, go to W-Hotel for dinner buffet. In fact, I have bought an early birthday present - Forever Friends Pirate to Nicole. We enjoyed very much in W-Hotel especially because we can have many varieties of food and long distance call with Annie, and spend precious moment with all family members.

BNPP in Wonderland

January 29, 2011

Annual Ball 2010    This is my second year annual dinner in BNPP. Today's theme is "BNPP in Wonderland" and there is a best dressing competition. No wonder I found many colleagues dressed in very special and funny, e.g. King, Queen, Mr. Playing Card, Rabbit etc. I have got no prize in lucky draw, but a table prize of Park N Shop cash coupon of $100. Master of Ceremony of this year is Geoffrey Wong (独动) who is an Actor and TV host in TVB.

Winter Solstice dinner

January 16, 2010

Early Winter Solstice dinner    It is due to Annie's departure to Sydney for further studies on 18 Jan, we have the Winter Solstice dinner two weeks early. We've been to our canteen (Chuen Cheung Kui) for this nice gathering. As usual, salt-roasted chicken (芉諯蔓) and Chinese Style Beef Fillet (いΑ琱) are the must orders.

I give early Red Pocket money ("Lai See") in AUD to Annie this evening for her petty cash in Sydney. We are very happy and took some pictures with Annie. We defiitely miss her very much!!

National Day Buffet

October 1, 2010

Double celebration    Today is National Day and the first anniversary of KW-11. You know thatˇs why I choose 1 Oct as the launch date of KW-11. Anyway, happy birthday to my web, KW-11. Nicole and I go to the Royal Park Hotel (‵バ常皊┍) with my family for buffet as a sort of event celebration.

Let me introduce how many tasty food I have there - Japanese spider crab legs (both roasted and steam), lobsters, roasted crab claws, toro, steak, Cordyceps Militaris Flower and dried longan soup (挛蛾ψ紾ψ傣), shark fin soup (窲), and dessert such as macron, chocolate shaved ice and ice cream (Pappagallo and Haagen-Dazs). Particularly, I have 13 scoops of ice cream with the flavor of green tea, chocolate, coffee, mango, raspberry sherbet etc. Amongst all, I like raspberry sherbet very much. I am very full and satisfied today.

Manchester United Restaurant Bar

June 2, 2010

ManUtd Restaurant Bar Hong Kong    I go to Manchester United Restaurant Bar (located in G/F, 32-34 Lock Road, Tsim Sha Tsui) this evening. As a super and die-hard MU fans, I must visit the first ManUtd theme restaurant bar opened in Hong Kong. Overall, the decoration is mainly in red & black and the place feels more like a sports bar than a restaurant; the atmosphere is great and the service is eager & friendly.

Menu is designed and structured like an official United magazine. Having taken some pictures and read through the menu, I ordered a drink called "Fred the Red" and several dishes - Seven Heaven (7 chicken drums with 7 differernt sauses), Sauteed Spinach, Pork Cutlet, Linguine "Ole" Vongole (fresh New Zealand little neck clam sauteed with chili, garlic and white wine), and dessert called "Player's Pride" which is Choco Fondant. Food is very good but expensive (total bill incl 10% service charge is $840).

I think this is the best place for all Manchester United fans gather together to chat and watch football matches.

Nicole's birthday

March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to Nicole!! 20 March is Nicole's 12 years birthday. First of all, wish her a happy birthday and a good health. Timing is not good instead because she has second term summative assessment from 22-25 March. Anyway, we can spare sometime to celebrate her great day on Saturday. I bought a birthday cake in the morning and her mom brought her for dinner.

Nicole and I go to Pizza Express, Taikoo Shing restaurant this evening for celebration. We ordered a set dinner for two persons which is composed of a snack, salad, main course, dessert and drinks. Let me introduce a little bit more about the dinner set:- Snack is Baked Dough Balls (served with garlic butter, pesto rosso and Genovese); salad is Nostrana (with chicken, avocado, new potatoes); main course is Salmone Affumicato Pizza; drink is Iced Lemon Tea (unlimited refill) and dessert is Cornetto di Gelato - Vanilla flavor. We love the food and services very much and we shop around City Plaza after dinner.


September 12, 2009

Burger! I try Mos Burger this afternoon at the Kornhill store. Despite many positive comments, I find that the burger is not itself very special, just like a normal burger. As compared to other burger shops, like Monster Burger, McDonalds, Freshness Burger and Burger King, I like Monster Burger very much, coz the burger is very juicy and tasty. Although it is a bit expensive, I hereby recommend you to have a try, if you like burger.

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