Welcome to the world of KW-11

     Hello, and welcome to the world of KW-11 (i.e. King Wai). First of all, a big thanks to my Mom for her care, dedication, commitment and education. Without her, I won't be here to share with you all my stuff. And thanks to everyone who has come to KW-11, your reward is all of the beautiful days to come.

     So this is King Wai. I am now 46 and living in The Long Beach, Tai Kok Tsui (was: Sorrento and Heng Fa Chuen) with my 15-year daughter, Nicole. I am working in State Street Bank as a Vice President, ERM Credit now, handling all credit matters for 3rd party funds, Banks, Sovereign and NBFIs in the Asia Pacific region ex. South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand (was: Fortis Bank as a Senior Credit Officer and BNP Paribas as Head of Central Team in Institutional Banking Group). I have studied my Master degree (MA in Money, Banking and Finance) in the University of Sheffield, located in the middle of the UK, and graduated in 1992. Before joining the banking industry, I was invited by my Professor in the university and his friend to go to Kuwait for doing some research and analysis in the Kuwait Investment Authority. As time flies very quickly, I am with the banking industry for more than 21 years.

     My family is not big - besides dad and mum, I have 1 elder brother, King Man and 1 younger sister May. I was married in 1996 but divorced in 2005. I have a lovely daughter who is living with me. She is now 15 and studying Year 10 (i.e. Secondary 4) at the Victoria Shanghai Academy. As a teenager now, she seldom shares her daily affairs with me. As she always stay with her mum over the weekend, I find little time to be with her. But she does respect me as a father and sometimes friend.

     As I am getting older, I seldom do exercise/ sport now (perhaps an excuse). The only interests are watching football match (English Premier League), playing pet society and sometimes going for a drive. My favourite football team is Manchester United while national team is England and Brazil. As you may be aware, Ryan Giggs is my favourite football player. As for on-line games, I am addicted to the Facebook game of Pet Society (but retired in June 2013). I raise two pets (actually dogs) in PS namely Hutchi and Goodniu. Hutchi is in fact a mirror image of Bibu. You can see some pictures of Bibu, a white Pomeranian, in the gallery page. He is 11 (on 24 Oct) and he is a lovely and loyal dog (now he emigrated to Australia). Besides that, I love swimming, playing table tennis and basketball, listening to canto-pop music and stamp collection.

     If you have any questions to ask, please feel free to email me, through KW-11, or directly to my mobile.

September 2009

(updated in June 2013)

Taking about my Dream ...

Everybody has dream(s) (regardless big or small; achievable or not), and King Wai is of no exception. Even though I have so many dreams, I seldom make a dream during sleeping, not to mention nightmare. Anyway, my dreams are summarised as follows:


  • Dream house: a 2-storey detached house with panoramic seaview
  • Dream car: Porsche Cayenne - a five-seat mid-size luxury SUV
  • Dream work: self-owned business (regardless it is a small shop selling hot-dog or a listed company)
  • Dream watch: OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M "SKYFALL" Limited Edition (Achieved in Nov 2012) / OMEGA Planet Ocean Liquidmetal Chrono
  • Dream place to travel: Northern Europe and Maldives
  • Dream leisure: at least 3 overseas travels (2 short and 1 long) a year
  • Dream big: have my own farm in Australia / New Zealand
Infernal Affairs